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Slim Trader

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April 13, 2017

The Tools We Use At Acumen Media To Get Stuff Done

April 5, 2017 in Digital Strategy, Product Developement

A Quick Guide to Launching New Products and Executing Ideas Faster

Ideas are a million a dime, they say. It is not the one who has an idea that is to be praised, it is the one who works on it to manifestation that gets the rewards. It goes the same…

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March 30, 2017 in Design, User Experience, User Interface

17 UX Myths Debunked

A while back we made a graphic compilation of UX and Interface assumptions that we’ve heard in the last couple of years. We shared them on Instagram and Twitter, now we’ve decided to share them here too. These myths are…

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March 13, 2017 in Design, Product Developement

5 Product Lessons From Designers

Designers make for some of the most creative people to discuss Product development and management with. They deal with all the quirks, understand the interface flow for consumers. This post is a compilation of recent Design reads that made me…

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